iOS11 QR Codes Helping Businesses Get Paid Faster

A blast from the past, the use of QR codes has jettisoned back into tech stardom recently, particularly in Asia. With Apple’s announcement that its new iOS11 will support QR codes directly, many small businesses will be jumping for joy!


xero qr code

In iOS11, the camera will directly support the ability to scan and interact with QR codes, without the need to install and open a separate app. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Open camera, scan, interact!
For small businesses who prefer to create and send PDF invoices, but still need to get paid as fast as using an online invoicing payment service, Xero has more good news. In the coming months, under invoice settings in Xero, there will be a new option to add a QR code to the invoice template.
This will generate a customised QR code for each invoice. When a customer receives it, they’ll simply be able to take out their phone, scan the code with a QR reader and it will take them directly to the online invoice and pay instantly! This removes the need to enter biller codes or amounts in online banking, reducing the chance of human error.
For those using the native Xero iOS app, in our October release, we’ll be adding the long-awaited ability to create and send a quote.
Our accounting and bookkeeping partners can help their small business clients get paid as quickly and efficiently as possible, encourage them to use a payment service through online invoicing, and even better, switch on invoice reminders. And to help small businesses stay safer when transacting online, ensure Two Step Authentication (2SA) is switched on wherever else possible.

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